Our Pillars


Students often struggle with finding the most appropriate career path for them. It can be tough to balance professional goals with education requirements. There are plenty of resources out there but they don't all address how best to take an academic route and turn it into a job that provides the best pay or growth opportunities.

That's where Centre MINE comes in by:
1- Launching a series of workshops, webinars & Programs on Employability (Youth Match Employability Program, Steer Your Career, Guide to Job Search, Dos and Don'ts CV writing and Interview, i-Brand, Master your Interview, Skill Up - Match Up, Career Tools, How to land a remote Job, Hos to stand out an Interview, how to write an email, the power of Communication, Public Speaking, etc…)

2- Empowering students and improving their skills, making them not only job seekers but Skills providers also 

3- Providing easy access to all types of careers, 

4- Broken down into a variety of categories,

5- Sharing 10 job vacancies a day, 7/7

6- Providing students with Free professional templates such as CV, Cover letter, etc..

7- Providing students with Comprehensive Review, objective feedback and personalized recommendations


Exploring the Unexplored 

The center offers a variety of opportunities for students to learn, network, develop and grow. Students can take workshops in a variety of subjects in order to launch their ideas and make them happen.

1- The 48h of innovative ideas

2- Leading creativity

3- Initiation to Creativity

4- IDEA Production  

5- Improving Creativity Skills

6- Launching ideas into action


We work with students to develop their entrepreneurial skills by providing them with mentoring, coaching and support throughout several programs. Students will also have the opportunity to connect with national and international industry leaders. They will gain experience in various aspects of Entrepreneurship. We also provide the support to students to complete their business plan and make the business grow.

Programs are designed for a variety of skill levels from beginners to advanced students, for both undergraduate and graduate students.

List of programs, webinars and workshops:

Be your own Boss, Business Model, Business Planning, Sustainable Business, Reviving Business, Social and Strategic Entrepreneurship, Personal Development Journey, Personal finance and budgeting, Recycling, Circular lifestyle, Unleash the leader within, Business Ethics, How to pitch a winning idea, From idea to action, Launch your ideas, Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship, Green Business, Business Networking, Mapping out a path for a successful project, The behavior pattern, Data for Decision making, etc…